Niconico Premium Service

Premium Membership Perks Overview

Watch Videos in Style

No More Low Quality Video Playback!
Avoid “Economy Mode” during peak hours and watch videos in high quality.(*1)
Don't stop video when Nico Pop-Up appears
Videos will not be interrupted by "Nico Pop-Up" (time signal or surveys).(Excludes important notices)
Feature Restrictions Lifted!
・Entries for“My List” when adding new favorited videos increase from 100 to 25000.
・Saves in “Watch History” for videos watched within 90 days increase from 50 to 200.
・Entries for “My Memory” when saving past comments increase from 50 to 250.
・Entries for “No-No Words” when hiding selected user comments increase from 40 to 200.
動画再生前に再生される広告が非表示になります。(Excludes certain videos)
Perks for iOS and Android Niconico Apps


  1. 一般会員は、以下の時間の間、混雑緩和の為に低画質版動画が読み込まれるようになります。
  2. 一般会員は「ジャンル」のみ選択可能です。
550 JPY/Month

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Get the Best Out of Nico Live

Priority Seating
Gain special access to the most popular shows. (*1)
Watch Timeshift
No-No Words


  1. If a broadcast has exceeded a certain number of visitors, Free Members will be forced to leave. If a broadcast has limited seating, even Premium Members may be unable to watch.
  2. 一般会員の配信最高画質は1Mbpsまでです。
  3. 番組の設定によっては、ご利用いただけない場合があります。
  4. 番組によりタイムシフト視聴の有無、および視聴期限は異なります。また、タイムシフト視聴可能な番組であっても、通信障害等からご視聴頂けない場合があります。
  5. 一般会員は40件までの登録です。
  6. niconicoアプリは最大200件までの登録となります。(iOS/Android版共通)
  7. 一部のデバイスでは対応しておりません。
550 JPY/Month

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Video Uploading Perks

Number of Uploads
Unlimited video uploads (Up to 50 videos for Free Members).
Priority Upload
Get priority when uploading during peak traffic hours (7pm to 2am).
Schedule Publication
Set your videos to publicly release whenever you like.
Custom Thumbnails
You can upload your favorite images when posting videos and set them as thumbnails.
550 JPY/Month

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Other Perks

[Blog Magazine]
Create blog
[Niconico Video Mobile]
Priority seating on live broadcast during high traffic with docomo, SoftBank (Wi-Fi).
Play a maximum of 180 minutes of video(Only 40 minutes for free members).
Priority seating during high traffic (docomo / SoftBank).
Gift for cell phone original content.
Niconi Community
You can follow up to 600 communities max (100 for free members).
Niconi Commons
Able to download and use JASRAC registered music.
Niconico Images
Replace uploaded illustration (Comments and URL will remain unchanged)
Able to use judge function for niconico obscene pictures as many times.
Register 10 tags on illustration fixed-point observation function (Free Members are limited to 5).
View maximum of 5000 illustrations on illustration fixed-point observation function (Free Members are limited to 100).
Upload up to 100 manga(20 for free members).
Specify BGM for manga you upload!
Niconi Commentary
No-No up to 200 words (Free members limited to 40).
Write and edit articles.
[Nico Ichiba]
Delete and comment on products (not including locked products).
550 JPY/Month

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