Niconico Premium Service

Premium Membership Perks Overview

Watch Videos in Style

Premium Dedicated Servers!
Gain access to premium servers for faster video loads.(*1)
No More Low Quality Video Playback!
Avoid “Economy Mode” during peak hours and watch videos in high quality.(*2)
Feature Restrictions Lifted!
・Entries for favorited “Mylist” videos increase from 100 to 12,500.
・Saves in “Watch History” for videos watched within 90 days increase from 50 to 100.
・Entries for “My Memory” when saving past comments increase from 50 to 250.
・Entries for “No-No Words” when hiding selected user comments increase from 40 to 200.
Hide Video Advertisement
Turn off ads that play before videos.(Excludes certain videos)


  1. Niconico connections will become faster, however actual loading times will depend largely on a user's internet connection and PC specifications.
  2. Free Members are limited to low quality playback during peak traffic hours (7pm - 11pm).
540 JPY/Month

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Get the Best Out of Nico Live

Priority Seating
Gain special access to the most popular shows. (*1)
Timeshift more broadcasts, even ended broadcasts!
Timeshift up to 30 programs, including already ended programs! (*2) Learn about timeshifts
No-No Words
Register up to 200 words or comments that will be automatically blocked. (*3)


  1. If a broadcast has exceeded a certain number of visitors, Free Members will be forced to leave. If a broadcast has limited seating, even Premium Members may be unable to watch.
  2. Free Members can only timeshift 10 programs. Viewing periods differ for each broadcast. Bear in mind that video playback even for timeshifts may fail due to factors such as a poor internet connection.
  3. The maximum number for Free Members is 40.
540 JPY/Month

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Video Uploading Perks

File Size
Resolution / Bitrate
No resolution limit (Free Members are limited to 1280x720), no limit in bitrate (Free Members are limited to 600Kbps).
Video Upload Storage
Priority Upload
Get priority when uploading during peak traffic hours (7pm to 2am).
540 JPY/Month

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Other Perks

Niconico Community
Join up to 300 communities (Free membership = 50 communities)
540 JPY/Month

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